The effects of being short

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The effects of being short

"I wish I were taller" is the thought that I have when all my friends are towering over me and when things are out of my reach. Even thought I am still in the stage of adolescent, I knew I am destined to be short like all of my family members. I used to be frustrated with my height, however, as I grow up, mentally, I realize the benefits of being short exceed the disadvantages.

Since short peoples tend to have short arms and legs, the obvious disadvantage of being short is the inability to get a thing that is out of reach. For example, I have to stand on a chair to get an item from the top of a cabinet. However, the most daunting effect of being short is that short people cannot see anything other than people's backs in the midst of tall people.

They are hard to find in a crowd since they are short and are not easy to spot like finding a 5-foot person in a huge 6-foot corns field.

Being short also causes the short people to feel less dignified since the tall people look "down" upon the short people while the short people have to look "up" to them. Not only that, short people could not run as fast as the tall people because short people have shorter legs. A pair of short legs could also cause troublesome to drive a car because short people's leg might not be long enough to reach the pedals or body too short to see beyond the wheel. When I drive, I have to adjust the seat very near to the wheel and heighten the seat so that I could see better.

It's seem that there are a lot of bad...