Effects Of Divorce

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Because married couples do not communicate, their marriages usually end up in a divorce. Two of the largest communication problems with couples is communication with their feelings and their fanatical problems.

When couples do not communicate with their partners about how they are feeling the other person feels neglected. For example, my fiend who was married for 3 years had some communication problems with her husband. She would come home from work and notice her husband would be in a bad mood, so naturally she would ask what was wrong, but he would never want to talk about it. So she started to feel neglected and worthless to him. They started growing apart until they finally got a divorce. Lack of communication with spouses and their feelings usually leads to a divorce.

When couples do not communicate their financial struggles and fears their relationship usually ends up in a divorce. When people get stressed about money they naturally do not want to tell their spouse. So the way they get their stress out besides talking is they will get angry easily or they will physically or verbally abuse each other. My neighbors got into big financial trouble. The husband did not tell his wife about their financial mess, and he would take out his stress on her by yelling and getting angry. The wife did not know what was going on or why he was getting so mad. She finally got fed up with him and got a divorce. Their divorce might have been saved if they would of just communicated about there financial position.

Two out of three marriages that end up in a divorce happen because of bad communication between the couples. Because of bad communication divorce is usually the result.