Effects Of Electric Currents On Body

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Physics Assignment Effects of electric current on the human body Electric shock caused by electrical equipment occurs without warning and is often serious. The effects of electric shock on the human body depend on the current that flows (the amperage), rather than on the force of the current (the Voltage). A normal house runs on 240V, 50Hz ac power supply. If 240V electrocutes a person, they usually receive skin burns, as the voltage was not high enough to pierce through the skin. If the frequency is high enough, heating and burning without shock may even be produced. Various voltages affect the body differently. Such as any current under about 600V will flow through the skin of the body, but since the skin surface give a resistance of up to about 600V, when the current is over 600V the current flows through the actual body not the just skin. In which then there is more current passing through the body as the moisture in the flesh make the flesh conduct electricity much better than skin.

The longer the victim is in contact the more damage they will do to there body if not death. There are three ways in which electric shock may be directly fatal.

1. Respiratory arrest (paralysis of breathing center of brain) 2. Asphyxia (contraction of muscles) 3. Ventricular fibrillation (uncontrolled, extremely rapid twitching of the heart muscle) DIAGRAM: Passage of earth fault current.

Physics Assignment Respiratory Arrest This is uncommon in that it generally requires current to pass through the head in the region of the respiratory center at the back of the skull. In certain cases this disturbance of the brain function will cause immediate cessation of respiration. However yet not a great deal is yet known about the amount of time or the current to...