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This report is submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the BSc degree in Multimedia Computing at the University of Westminster.

Supervisor: Ashif Tejani Year: May 2001 ABSTRACT The problem tackled is an e-commerce web site selling Italian food and wine. The site offers a range of products and presents them in a graphical environment. The products are stored in database tables and are called from the web site using various programming techniques of ASP and JavaScript. Functions such as inserting, deleting and updating records are all used to provide full usability of the e-commerce concept.

A shopping cart metaphor encloses the selected products in a table and cookies are automatically issued to the user?s computer. A checkout page incorporates all the necessary forms for users to buy the products online using credit cards or any other method.

The web site uses all of the necessary functions required for an e-commerce site.

Because of limited resources and the nature of this project SSL security certificates have not been implemented but are mentioned in this report.

Table Of Contents 1 INTRODUCTION 7 1.1 Aims and Objectives 8 2 ANALYSIS AND RESEARCH 12 2.1 Architecture Principles 12 2.2 Online Web Sites 14 2.2.1 Existing e-commerce sites 14 2.2.2 Food and Wine e-commerce sites 19 2.3 System architecture 25 2.4 Research on the customers trade 27 2.5 System engineering analysis 28 2.5.1 Identification of need 28 2.5.2 Feasibility Study 29 2.5.3 Technical Analysis 31 2.5.4 Use the results 32 2.6 Software analysis 32 2.6.1 System interface characteristics 33 2.6.2 Evaluation of content and flow of information 34 2.6.3 Validation criteria 34 2.6.4 User/customer environments 35 2.6.5 Evaluation of software analysis 35 3 INTERFACE DESIGN 37 3.1 Aims and Objectives 37 3.2 Interface Design Structure 38 3.3 Grids and Layouts 39 3.4 Design...