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eLearning and online courses - a step forward or sideways? Online Education The Internet has been put to yet another use, as more and more students are switching to studying for their degrees online, a process that is part of a global industry by the name of ?eLearning?. In a nutshell, eLearning is any combination of education methods using digital tools. eLearning has been created with the purpose of students learning faster and at lower costs.

One such example of eLearning is University Alliance. It is the largest online distance education network in the U.S., which offers online degrees such as Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. Courses are delivered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The student accesses online classes wherever the Internet is available. eLearning companies can incorporate ?digital tools?; used to enhance the learning experience (e.g. Video and Audio streamed lectures, virtual bulletin boards, and chatrooms, where students may collaborate online with members of the University or course).

How eLearning came about eLearning was first established in 1998, referred to as e-learning (with a hyphen). It arose out of three needs ? the need to reduce costs associated with the usual classroom learning (e.g. textbooks, desks, and other resources), the need to train a large number of employees simultaneously, and the need to improve the effectiveness of training by narrowing it down to individual learning (this means that a large number would still be able to do the course, but each student will receive individual attention). eLearning has succeeded in satisfying all three of these needs. It is a relatively young industry, having only come out a few years ago. Looking at the I.T. perspective, eLearning appears to be a more effective way of learning than the traditional way in many ways, which...