The elements of design - line, colour, tone, shape, space etc.

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This essay explains in detail, line, colour, tone, shape, space ect excellent.


Line is the most direct way of making a mark, lines define form and shape. Lines do

not occur in nature. They are simply used to translate a form into something we can

recognise on paper. The outline just symbolises the object we represent.

- Combinations of line can be used to represent structure and movement.

- Line can be used to create the sensation of movement.

- The artist can communicate feelings by using line expressively. Different lines

encourage this.

Line Types

Contour - Line which are brief descriptions of an object.

Calligraphic - Captures the expressive qualities of an object, quick flowing marks.

Tonal - Represents shapes, form and textures in objects

Visual - Represents texture

Tactile - Drawings as themselves can be textile

Line Direction

Circles, curved lines - movement , progression.

Vertical - Elevation, formality.

Horizontal - Intimacy, restful and peaceful.

Moderately curved - Harmony, graceful.

Line In Relation To Principals.

Variety - Combinations of contrasting lines create variety , long, short, zig zag and


Repetition Of Line - Harmony, balance.

- Balance, common groupings of line and textures.

- Harmony, lines and textures flow together in unified direction and

corresponding rhythm.

Combinations of particular lines can also create disharmony and disunification.

Line Exercise

1.Draw three drawings analising the different types of line that are used.

2. Find Three artists , describe and discuss the types of lines and textures they have


e.g. Textural - Susan Norrie

Movement - Brett Whitely

Geometrical - Geoff Smart


- Texture is how the surface of an object feels to touch. In sculpture Real Texture is

an element in painting texture is simulated.

- Different lines can create textures,

Converging Lines

Contrasting lines...