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! ! ! Samuel Johnson, A very famous English writer of the 17th century, once said

"Language is the dress of thought." If this is true then language is a direct

representation of character. The means by which people communicate reflect the values

of a community. Also, if language is just a "dress" of thought then that means it ever-

changing. You can change the dress being worn similarly to how language can change.

In Mark Dunn's novel, Ella Minnow Pea, the whole country struggles as drastic changes

to there language are made. Traditions and beliefs within cultures are all different and it

is language evolution that reflects what culture values.!

! Culture values change with differing generations therefore changing language as

well. Technological advancements are huge distinguishers for different generations.

Many people believe that todays children and teens don't value language and their

literacy skills are diminishing. However an "important finding is that texting does not

erode children's ability to read and write. On the contrary, literacy improves." (Crystal 5)

Today's culture holds technology to very high importance. Despite what opinions people

have of it, the use of technology has become the norm for communicating and until

proved otherwise, it is very beneficial in society. Another key change within generations

is the use of slang. Among many, the use of slang is frowned upon and believed to be

something you grow out of after teenage years but "incredibly, many people today still

express surprise when such words make their way into dictionaries." (Aitchinson 10)

Slang isn't something solely created by one age group. All generations have there own

innovations, some just spread to different communities more successfully than others. ! !

! As language does evolve people become more isolated yet at the same time

communities are unified.