Emancipation Proclamation

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Emancipation Proclamation The Emancipation Proclamation is the biggest turning point the United States has ever seen. The Proclamation is set up to free all black slaves from ownership and slavery.

The first paragraph of the proclamation states that from January 1st 1863 and on, all slavery is band from the United sates of America. Men black or white shall not be forced to have any part in slavery. It also says in the first paragraph that all of the military forces are going to do whatever it takes to enforce this new law. We feel that this is a very good thing that the US needed at that time. There was way too much slavery and it wasn't fair to the slaves.

President Lincoln told the states that if they wanted to be part of America, and they didn't want to be at war with the government they needed to send representatives to say that they agree with the new law.

Most of the states weren't wild about being at war with the government so they sent their representatives to say that they agreed with it. Now President Lincoln wouldn't know right away if the states were really going to stop slavery after they sent their representatives so he told them that if they lie that they would have to deal with the military, and that wasn't good. There were lost of states that rebelled against the law. President Lincoln said that no matter what those other states say, I say that you are free men and that is all that matters.

President Lincoln also had some instructions for the newly freed slaves. He told them that they were able to join the military if they wanted to, just like white men. Also they could tell a man that they...