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The year 1830 is a crucial date in English history. You see, this is the year that one of the most influential poets in the world was born. Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts, an old fashioned Puritan town. Rarely did she go outside to meet strangers or walk in the garden. Emily felt uncomfortable outside of her house and even if she did travel, it wasn't for more than one hour. She was greatly impacted by her father, who was a lawyer, politician, and treasurer of Amherst College. The turning point in Emily's life occurred while she was on a business trip in Washington D.C. with her father. There, Emily met a Presbyterian Minister. Soon enough, she deeply fell in love with this man , whose name was Charlies Wadsworth. Even though the two were acquaintances, Emily felt a bond between herself and the much older and already married minister.

However, although Charles was kind to her, he did not return her love. Eight years later, in1862, Charlies left for San Francisco, Calafornia with his family. It was about this time that Emily totally secluded herself from the world and started what would be world famous poems throughout the future . She adopted her ideas on poetry from her personal life, her fondness of nature, death, and her dislike of organized religion. War is occasionally pulled into Emily's poems also.

Emily seemed truly concerned over happenings in her personal life. So she mainly focused her writings on the loss of her lover. In 'I Never Saw A Moor,' she describes things that she had never seen or experienced before but she knows what they are about. Here, Emily is trying to express herself on why she thinks Charles left her. She is desperately searching for answers. Emily...