Emily Dickinson: Emotion Through Poetry

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Throughout her lifetime, Emily Dickinson faced many events that influenced her poetry. As a child, things like 'lacking' a mother or being sent to boarding school. As she got older, she began to see the ones that she loved pass away. Although these were events that happened to everyone, they had a major impact on Dickinson's life. To better understand Emily Dickinson, one must note emotion through poems such as "I'm Nobody, Who Are You?", "A Poor Torn Heart, Tattered Heart", and "I Can Wade Grief".

The Dickinson family was a prominent, well-to-do family from Amherst, Massachusetts. By the time that Emily and her siblings were born, they were the fourth generation of the Dickinson family in Amherst. Her grandfather, Samuel Fowler Dickinson helped to found Amherst College. They were a strict, religious, orthodox Calvinist family, and aspect of life that would later come to have an impact on the poetry of Emily Dickinson (Online Lit).

As a child, Emily Dickinson grew up in a well known family from Amherst, Massachusetts. Emily Elizabeth Dickinson was born on December 10, 1830, and she had an older sister named Lavinia. At the time of her birth, Dickinson's parents were too poor to take care of her. In order to ensure that she had all that she needed, Emily was sent off to live with her Aunt Lavinia, who lived about forty miles outside of Amherst. Approximately one year later, Dickinson returned home to her parents. When she did, her mother had birthed another child, Austin. Her father had started a successful law firm and was now making enough money to support his family (Poetry Exhibits).

While living with her Aunt Lavinia, Dickinson was showered with love and affection. However, the move back home was a difficult adjustment for the two-year old. Her...