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Emily Dickinson was a writer whose poems were awe inspiring. As a female author in her times, she showed the world that women did have a voice, an opinion or thought that was valid and worth reading. This paper will delve into the poems written by Emily Dickinson. The poems I have chosen to write about show Dickinson's Personas as sexually erotic yet innocent, as a lover of nature and the natural processes, and deeply dark.

In several of Dickinson's poems she can easily be viewed as somewhat erotic in her Persona. For example, in poem 249, Dickinson describes "Wilds Nights" where wild night should be "our luxury". The inference of wild nights is in my opinion to that of wild night of sex, partying, or both. The second stanza, the words seem to speak about nautical references, yet not. The imagery of a vessel being steered and used as if it was a natural happening.

It is almost as if the language suggests that the body is being ravished as if the ravisher had known her body or the female body before, "Done with the Compass- Done with the Chart". The last stanza describes how sweet the joy of sex can be :

Rowing in Eden-

Ah, the Sea!

Might I but moor- Tonight-

In Thee!

The artful manners in which Dickinson manipulates the words and connotates to sexual experience is beautiful. I found this poem to invoke sexual excitement. The reminder of what new love and sexual exploration can be is invoked through the Persona and writing of this poem.

Contrary to the erotic Persona, Dickinson also displays the innocent nature lover through her works. For example in Poem 328, Dickinson describes the different features and ideas of nature. The Persona is a person speaking about nature...