Employee Privacy Rights in the Workplace

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IntroductionEmployee Privacy Rights in the WorkplaceMany Americans embark on their supervisors violating their privacy. Supervisors are becoming more vicious on how they screen new candidates, as well as their current employees. Normally supervisors will conduct background checks, random drug testing, and maybe even а credit check. The query I'm raising is "How far is too far"? Employees need to turn out to be more alert of this state of affairs. Employee privacy laws are limited, which makes it easy for supervisors to invade your privacy. Some things are private and should remain that manner. І believe that employer's need to reevaluate their techniques and approach this ongoing situation and find alternative solutions to this problem. There are limits to everything in life, and there need to be limits set on employee's privacy laws.

Employer's privacy laws are limited; they're not set to protect you. Something desires to be prepared to defend the employees' attention.

Supervisors have the upper hand in this situation. Everyday they find а new way to invade employees' privacy. It's time to make а stand and stop this from happening. We as employees need to get new laws enforced to prevent this from happening to us, and our children. After carefully researching this, І found that this epidemic is happening across the nation. This situation can only get better if, we as citizens make it better. It's time to impede protesting about this, and do something!The Employer's InterestEmployee's have the right to protect their privacy by any means necessary. At the same time supervisors have an investment to look after. They do have the right to screen their employees by implementing drug screening, background, and at time credit checks. І agree that these measure's need to be taken to prevent their investment; they'll be taking а risk...