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in the following quote "Do i not destroy my enemies, when i make them my friends" is a valuable quote for me, because i can relate to it in terms of personal experiences, an educational point of view, and a political example. What this quote is trying to say is that instead of trying to hurt, have revenge, destroy, humiliate your enemy you should come out as the bigger person and make them your friend. I believe that this is a important quote to follow. this quote has much wisdom in it that if we follow it in our daily lives I am sure that we would be living much happier and less stress on who's planning to hurt us.

This quote reminds me a time in my life when i had made a special someone who was very close to me, my whole life, into an enemy. Eventually my friend and I had an issue where I've felt like she had hurt me mentally, emotionally and apparently physically.

It came to a point where i felt hatred toward this person. She caused so many problems and pain into my life, and i was angry, i was angry that she was not going through what i was going through As time passed i started plotting revenge. i wanted to hurt this person so much until one day where i knew that my pain was causing her joy, getting a good laugh every time i struggle and feeling like i should be in the look out because i don't know when this person will hurt me again. Until one day i was tired. I wanted to end everything what good would revenge bring to me. i knew i was not hat type of person that i was good people. I decided...