The Energy Crisis

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The Energy Crisis

The ability to function or work is generally defined as energy. Energy is required in every spare of humans' life. It is required from homes to industries. It can be found in different forms such as light, heat, sound and so on. Energy crisis is the scarcity of electricity, which is mainly caused by rising prices, worldwide demand and lack of supplies. The traditional sources of energy are oil, coal, natural gas and fossil fuels. As none of these is renewable energy, there is a threat of running out these sources. The demand of energy is increasing worldwide because the population of the whole world is rising rapidly. Another reason for high-energy demand is that maintaining the standard of life. Many people consume energy for their luxury and comfort.

The available technologies for energy production are solar panel, windmill, hydroelectric power, nuclear power plant and biomass.

These are all renewable energies and the most preferred one in developed countries is solar panel. There are two types of solar panels, they are: thin film and silicon. Silicon is the most commonly used solar panel because it can work effectively even in low light, but it is quite expensive and the efficiencies is about 33%. Although the thin film solar panels are less productive than silicon solar panels, these are economical to use and the efficiencies is about 15%. (Pandolf)

The basic principle of solar panel is to use the sunlight energy and convert it into electricity. The silicon solar panel has the property of metal as well as electron insulator. It is also called as a semi conductor. The sunlight energy is made up of photon particles. When the silicon atom of the solar panel comes in contact with photon particles, it starts losing electrons. Then...