Energy Resource Plan

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The population is growing and we as a nation use a lot of energy. We need to learn to conserve energy, which simply means to reduce the amount of energy we are currently consuming. Since we are a growing population the demand to produce more energy is increasing. We are depleting our main sources of energy; once they are gone they cannot be replenished. We may slow down this process by conserving our energy, so that we may have some for future use. This will allow us to have more time to develop technologies for energy alternatives. More importantly, conserving energy benefits the environment by reducing our air pollution due to the burning of fossil fuels.

Nonrenewable energy resources, such as natural gas, coal, and oil are extracted from the earth and cannot be replaced. Oil and natural gas have a wide variety of uses, such as jet fuel, motor vehicles, heating, plastics, and fertilizers.

Paints and medicines are also used from oil and natural gas. Coal is primarily used to produce electricity but is the most abundant fossil fuel we have in the world.

Solar energy, hydropower, biomass, and wind energy are all sources of renewable energy. These are a developing technology that is currently being used throughout the United States. Although they are costly, renewable energy resources do not cause pollution, and are much more beneficial to the environment (Berg & Harper, 2007).

We, as consumers, can make a difference with conserving energy. As of right now the government is held accountable for providing measures to protect and educate. The government’s efforts in energy conservation are the responsibility of two different agencies. One of them is The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. In 2008 they stated their top priority were to “promote the development of a strong...