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Working as a supervisor in the United States Coast Guard posed several responsibilities upon me. One of the main challenges was the My writing process started by gathering all letters, memos, announcements, and scheduled appointments for that week. By doing so I gathered information that I would later use to compose my work. I discussed with the pastor and wrote down everything he wanted to make reference to in the bulletin. These notes usually gave me a foundation to know how and where I should begin.

The bulletin was done in a chronological order. This made it easier for me to organize my topics and themes according to upcoming events. Each topic was covered briefly and in simple paragraphs. On the back of the bulletin I provided a full page of Reflection. My writings varied depending on the season and feasts of the church and often included a scripture. This was a way that would prepare the parishioners and help them enter that special time.

Considering my audience my tone was friendly and interactive. Generally, I had to do my own research on the scriptures and based on my own sincerity and knowledge I would compose my work.

By editing my work I would become aware of changes that were needed. Many times I needed to rearrange and rewrite my work to make my message clear....

The XO's Fool-Proof Guide to Writing Awards

A little bit about medals and awards

I am fond of saying that "the real reward you get for doing a job well is not worn on a rack above your left breast pocket. It's worn four inches to the right (in your heart)." While I truly believe that, it is also important to understand that you don't earn Servicewide points or promotion potential for good Karma.