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George Auguste Escoffier was born October 28, 1846 in Vileneuve Loubet, a village in Providence. His father was a blacksmith and also grew tobacco. He grew surrounded by family. Until the age twelfth Escoffier went to local school. He showed an interest drawing. Many thought that he would become an artist.

In 1859, at the age of thirteen he had to learn a trade. He began working at his uncles' restaurant, Le Restaurant Francis in Nice, France. While working at Le Restaurant Francis for his uncle he received no special treatment. He did household task aside from work. Before the Escoffier was nineteen he knew how to organize service. He also knew how to select and buy provisions.

At the age of nineteen the owner Le petit Moulin Rouge in Paris asked Escoffier to join his staff. He stayed there until the France- Prussian War in 1870 when he was recalled into the army.

In the army he was Chef de Cuisine. During this time he thoroughly studied the techniques of canning meats, sauces and vegetables. Many say that it was during this time that he started to develop ideas to simplify Marie Careme, eighteenth century chef elaborate cuisine.

After the war he returned to Le Petit Moulin Rouge. Escoffier was the head Chef until 1878. Escoffier wore shoes that were built up so that he could reach the stove due to his diminutive size.

Mostly in Paris from 1871 Escoffier worked in many restaurants and hotel until he opened his own. The list includes Colonel Count de Waldner and Hotel of Luxembourg. In 1876 Escoffier opened his own restaurant. It was located in Cannes and was called Le Faisan d'Or The Golden Pheasant.

In 1878 at the Palais Royal Escoffier worked as the management of the Maison Chevet. The...