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Aftermath of World War II

Following World War II, the world learned it had a new threat. This new threat was the USSR. A conflict had developed between the United States and the USSR during the course of he war. Their problems were reflective of their difference of governments. The United States, a democracy, feared the USSR, which was communist. Even though they defeated the Axis powers working together, the United States and USSR had many disagreements. These disagreements would lead to a struggle for power that would last for more than forty years.

Immediately after World War II, the United Nations was formed. This organization replaced the League of Nations. The United Nations, like the League of Nations, strives to keep the international peace. Today the UN continues to meet and discuss international issues. It is possible that as the League of Nations and Concert of Europe ended, so will the United Nations on day cease to exist.

After World War II, the role of women changed. They were then considered more equal to men. During the war the women on the home front began to do men's work. Women were no longer expected to marry, have children, and take care of their homes. Now, they could go the office or work in factories. A world of opportunities presented itself to all women after the Second World War.