The Outbreak of World War 2 A Look at Orthodox and Revisionist Theories on the Origins of World War II and Personal Response

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The outbreak of the Second World War would be a catastrophic event brought about by increasing tension and paranoia between nations, as well as the reoccurrence of militarist, nationalist and imperialist sentiments in many countries, especially Germany, Japan and Italy. There are many views and opinion as to why the Second World War took place, why could it not be contained to a local area, and why did the Allied powers allow Hitler to amass such a powerful military force? There are two major groups who hold differing opinions upon these questions: orthodox thinkers and revisionist thinkers.

It is important to analyse the major events that occurred before the outbreak of war both in Europe and the Pacific before choosing a side to support. It is important to analyse events such as the rise of Hitler and Nazi party, and the change in foreign policy of Germany, the appeasement of Hitler by Neville Chamberlain at the Munich conference, and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.

Hitler's rise to power and his election as Chancellor is a main cause for the outbreak of the Second World War. Hitler's militaristic nature and the extreme right wing nationalism of the Nazi party would undoubtedly strain relations with nations such as the USSR or Germany's main rival, France. Hitler was also a very devout believer in the idea of increased lebensraum or living space for the German people. Hitler's view was that the only way to achieve this increase in territory was through war with the neighbouring nations. Orthodox thinkers are of the opinion that the issue of lebensraum is an important reason for the outbreak of the Second World War. This is obvious, especially as Hitler sought to reclaim all territory Germany had lost in the aftermath of the First World War...