The essay is about all of the rioters vices in the rioters tale of the cantanbury tales by chaucer.

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The Rioter's Vices

The Rioters only cared about themselves and wished only to have all of their secular desires. Chaucer shields light on the ways of evil men, and were their selfishness gets them in the long run.

The first vice that the Rioters have is they are disrespectful of their elders. A elderly man greets them "God look to you, my lords and give you quiet." The rioter answered back " What an old fool? Give place! Why are you all wrapped up expect your face? Why live so long? Isn't it time to die"(Chaucer 75). The attitudes of the rioters are horrible they tell an old man to die just for a greeting. The old man is astonished and answers back "Do more harm to an old man than you, being now young, would have another do when you are old'- if you should live till then"(75).

One of the rioters is so fed up by what the old man says that he accuses him of being a killer of young men. He also wishes that the old man would just die.

The second vice of the rioters is that they are thieves. They find a bunch of gold under an oak tree and deiced to take it. They make a plan "People would call us robbers-a strong gang, So our own property would make us hang. Now we must bring this treasure back by night"(77). The rioters draw straws to see who goes back to the village to get wine and bread while the other to stay and wait for night to come.

The third vice of the rioters is that they have no integrity. The two rioters stay at the tree devise a plan. The text reads the plan "To have wrestle;...