This essay is about Andrew Jackson and the Jacksonian era.

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The Age of Andrew Jackson was an exciting time to be living in. America was still carving out its way among the various nations of the world. Many people say that it is the man who makes the times. This was quite the case with Andrew Jackson. During the Jacksonian era, Nationalism, expansionism and securing American well-being in the world were focused on. Some thought Andrew Jackson was one of the best presidents the country ever had. It seemed that his character (with both good and bad qualities) and ideals set a precedent for Americans in the 19th Century. With a fiery temper and political genius, president Jackson attacked and killed Biddle's "Monster" bank, removed the Cherokee nation from interfering with American expansion as well as trail blazed new political institutions such as with his theory of political office rotation, and the spoils system. But as history will tell us, it is the Critical views of foreign and domestic eyes of the times who the generations of tomorrow go to in order to see the past objectively.

Alexis De Tocqueville came to the United States in order to observe the prison structure for his government. However, what he got out of America was much more than just prison models. He became interested in American issues and ideals. He saw that Americans are finicky with possessions and always looking for future ventures. De Tocqueville notes the social spirits of the pursuit of Happiness and how Americans search for the shortest road to obtain it. De Tocqueville notes about democracy how it promotes equality, but then is also a weakness because of how revolution and inequality seem to shadow it. He makes an interesting point that these Americans seem to "love change, yet dread revolution."

Joseph G. Baldwin saw a...