JFK Assassination

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The controversy behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy, is one that is still a mystery. With the beginning of the new millennium many classified files will be declassified, which many people believe will shed new light on who was behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The mystery is, who was behind the assassination, and why did they kill him.

There is a lot of skepticism surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Lyndon Johnson appointed the Warren Commission soon after the assassination of John Kennedy. The Warren Commission was to investigate the murder of John Kennedy and to tell the American people their findings. "It has been prepared with a deep awareness of the Commission's responsibility to present to the American people an objective report of the facts relating to the assassination" As they dug through the facts many ideas emerged, such as where Kennedy was hit, and how many shots were fired.

"Seconds later shots resounded in rapid succession. The President's hands moved towards his neck"¦A bullet entered the base of the back of his neck slightly to the right of the spine"¦The Governor had been hit by a bullet"¦Another bullet then struck President Kennedy in the rear portion of his head, causing a massive and fatal wound." Although witnesses that were there at the time of the assassination differed in their accounts from where the shots were fired from soon their attention focused on The Texas School Book Depository Co. Several people reported that they saw the rifle being fired from a corner on the sixth floor of the building. As the police searched the building they found Lee Harvey Oswald, which some of his coworkers described as a "very quiet-a loner." A few hours after the assassination of Kennedy Oswald was charged with the...