This essay is about the aspects and characteristics that most civilizations have.

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Around the time of the agricultural revolution, civilizations grew. This was because it allowed people to settle permanently. Early civilizations as well as civilizations today have six similar characteristics. Three of these characteristics are government, religion, and writing.

There are two types of government, dictatorship and democracy. A dictatorship is a government controlled by one person or a group of a few people. A democracy is when the people have a say in their government. Without a government there wouldn't be any rules or laws, and without rules or laws people could do whatever they wanted to without anyone taking control. Things would be crazy and there would be nobody to do anything about it. People definitely wouldn't be civilized. If there was a major problem that would usually be solved by your leader in government, you wouldn't have anyone to go to. A government is a huge part of civilization.

Another characteristic of civilization is religion. Religion is what people believe in. there is monotheism, which is believing in one god, and polytheism, which is believing in more than one god. In earlier civilizations before science and technology, religion was a reason for why things happened. Without religion people wouldn't know what to think, and they would probably always wonder some things that are unexplainable. Without religion people probably wouldn't be civilized.

Writing is also an important characteristic of a civilization. By writing, people can keep records of things that are happening. Writing is also another way for people to communicate with each other. If someone had something important to say, they would write a letter. You also could write down reminders for yourself, or something you discovered. Without writing we wouldn't be as civilized or as advanced as we are now.

Government, religion, and writing...