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Here's the question: The Classification Assignment: Look into someone's refrigerator. List all the foods you find there. Then write an essay that uses classification to describe the contents on the list. Your essay's purpose is to examine what the food in the refrigerator reveals about the foods' owner or the culture in general. Your thesis will develop from that purpose. Divide the items on your list into categories based on a ruling principle that fits your purpose. Choose a ruling principle that helps you make a meaningful observation and an interesting thesis. Some suggestions for classifying strategies might be food groups, the length of time in storage, the source of foods, the packaging, the texture, or any other principle that might yield interesting results. Use your own judgment.

Essay #1: Classification

You Are What You Eat

When looking around in someone's home, you can find many objects that reflect their individuality.

From the color of paint on the walls, to the type of flooring they have, it is purely their own self-expression. I have taken a look inside my parents' refrigerator, and found that this too is a reflection of their personalities. The food items located in the refrigerator state several things about them. For one, the substances found show they try to go food shopping once every couple of weeks. Secondly, they try to accommodate all sittings by buying items that could be used at different times of the day for various meals. Lastly, it was obvious they eat at least one fruit or vegetable with every portion of food they consume.

In my research, I found that there were not any spoiled items, rotten fruit or vegetables, moldy cheese, or stale dairy products. There was an expiration date on approximately 75% of the items...