This essay deals with a womans right to her body... in the case of abortion.

Essay by LadyScandalousA+, July 2003

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Woman Hear My Cry

I am writing this article out of anger. I shouldn't as a women have to justify and state the rights a women has over her own body. Abortion shouln't be a public concern but a private choice that a women has. In an ideal world abortion would not be looked on as a fight to be made over but a right and a decision to be made. In my opinion a women who controls her own fertility, controls her own destiny. I am not letting the Bush Administration or this male-dominated society to continue to judge, classify or catorized me (or any other female) according to whats between my legs. This is an article on abortion that our generation, especially young girls need to know how now with Bush in full power, our rights are being held. People need to understand that it's not about being for or against abortion but a women's right to choose.

·Many who are anti-abortion believe a women should only have an abortion if she has been raped, is mentally ill or has the consent of her parents. A pro-choice arguement would be that in an already heierchy system, this violates a woman's freedom. Women for to long have been treated as inferior. This world has an certain mentality on how a woman should act and look. Magazines and sexual harassment are a projection of those mentalities. Anti-abortionist believe that abortion is murder but protecting the fetus over a women's choice to choose is like saying the fetus has more rights than the women herself. I ask you this, who gave the government the right to be in a women's bedroom or anyone else for that matter?

·It is naieve to think that if abortion is made illegal teen pregnancies...