This essay describes the events, causes, and results of the English Revolution in detail.

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The events of the English Revolution:

The jury system was developed by King Henry II. He replaced feudal justice with a grand jury, courts, and jury trials. He wanted to strengthen the authority of royalty, but he furthered democracy instead.

The Magna Carta (1215) limited royal power and stated that the king cannot put a free person in jail with judgment by his peers, and a king cannot levy taxes without asking the Great Council. King John was forced to sign this document by feudal lords who felt he was a despot and that he violated their rights. The Magna Carta came into effect for all English people and was the cornerstone of their democracy.

Model Parliament (1295): King Edward I allowed middle-class representatives into the Great Council so he could place taxes upon them, and still have the loyalty of the wealthy middle class people. The Great Council became known as the Model Parliament because it was the model for England's future legislature.

Since both the aristocrats and the commoners had representatives the Parliament split into two houses: the heredity House of Lords and the elected House of Commoners.

English Common Law: Judges decided to establish their decisions on similar cases that were already ruled on. These laws applied to all people equally. To protect people against tyranny the law stated that life, liberty, and property couldn't be taken by an illegal or random action.

Parliamentary Lawmaking (14th century): The Parliament threatened to withhold tax laws which compelled English monarchs to accept its legislation in all matters.

Parliament issues the Petition of Rights (1628) which protested Charles I's despotism and reaffirmed that monarchs can't levy taxes without Parliament's permission, imprison people without a specific charge or trial by jury, or put soldiers in private homes without the owners consent.