This essay discusses the elements that may lead to prostitution in colored women.

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Prostitution is the embodiment of all that is ugly, hurtful and represents the contempt males in this society have against women. Prostitution exists wherever male dominance has the ruling hand. Yes indeed times have changed for women, like in the aspect of having the right to vote but still to this day we, women are bombarded by society's distorted expectations on how we should look, feel and act. In living under male supremacy, one can feel the oppression clawing up our backs. Ready to suffocate women in to servitude and obedience. We can feel this oppression sharply whenever fear of the opposite sex action's penetrates our hearts or we feel threaten for example when encountered by a group of guys or a guy, instinct tells us to cross the street out of harms way. These encounters and sexual harassment are constant reminders that yes at times this is a man's world and we're on their "territory".

We feel this weight of oppression as we are constantly forced to look over our shoulders for predators. Whether it be night, day or under the light bulbs soft, sheen in our homes, shadows wait lurking to demonstrate the full extent of their monstrous power, over us women. We are seen by this male dominated society as inferior, as prey. We see evidence of this contempt when we are forced to hear the melancholy tunes of broken songs that wail of savage violence, molestation, domestic abuse and rape. It is soothing music to the beast but sets a quiet, eerie storm ragging in our whip, welted surviving souls.

Prostitution is the result of a capitalistic society where money and profit is viewed as more important than the humanity of an individual. It is the result of a patriarchy system that hurls out at women...