This essay discusses why technological exploration is more important than the exploration of the 1500s.

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Exploration of the 1500's and technological exploration of modern times are both important. The one that is more valuable to people today is technological exploration. This is evident for many reasons.

Technological advances in medicine enable scientists to develop the latest and finest ways to treat and prevent disease. In earlier times there were no medicines, even for the common cold. Technology has allowed doctors to develop medication, and effective treatments for disease. These include, radiation for cancer and shots for the prevention of measles, chicken pox, and many other illnesses. Also there are thousands of pain relievers available over the counter. Overall technology has played the biggest role in the development of the medical field.

Communication might be the most important aspect of every person's life in today's society. Throughout the years engineers have created tools that aid people in their daily activities. Telephones and computers are the most widely used forms of communication.

Advances in these forms of technology have improved the ways of communication. Advances in the telephone include such options as caller identification, call waiting, and three way. The Internet is combined between advances in the telephone and computer. It allows people around the world to communicate within seconds of logging onto their computers. Through e-mail and instant messages friends, family, and business associates are able to connect with each other at any time of the day. Portable telephones, or cell phones, allow Internet users to access their accounts through the use of their phones.

Advancements in astronomy are due to the ongoing improvements of technology. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, has launched satellites into space. They monitor the surroundings of the earth. Every year new planets are being discovered. This summer even a new galaxy was found. In the future, with...