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By Lee A Zito

Reading the works of Edgar Allen Poe and Harriet Beecher Stowe gave me two completely different feelings, because the works are completely different from each other. From their subject matter, to technique, and style, both writer's wrote with different purposes in mind.

Edgar Allen Poe's work gives off a sense of gloom and confusion. Not confusion in a total clueless way, but confusion in uncertainty and morbid suspense. Poe's style does not surprise me after reading his biography. His life was surrounded by death, the death of this mother and father, and also the death of his wife. From a young age he followed in the footsteps of his father becoming an alcoholic and eventually carrying out this lifestyle to his death.

His character, probably influenced a lot by his intense drinking habits, was prideful. He was profusely jealous of other writers of his time, cherished by society.

He was intellegent and had his own strong opinions, which I found interesting. In his biography it had mentioned that he thoought poetry should only be of beauty, not factual information. In fact that poetry should not be informative in any way.

I disagree with this thought, even though I did pondered it heavily. If poetry is an art form, then can factual information be turned into beauty? Whether you see poetry as strictly beauty or informative works of art, Poe is surely the artist who created his works with beauty through and through. The description, symbolism, and ideas he intertwines to create his work, ultimately have become American classics.

Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin is also an American classic. She wrote with the intention to portray slavery as the inhumane act it is.

Doing this, Stowe influence thousands of people to rise up and...