This essay is about the effects of the boubonic plague during European history.

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Imagine families abandoned by each other, suffering as the end of their innocent lives approach silently, but rapidly. Contaminate by this mysterious illness, they are helpless and terrified. No medical support or remedy for this disease could be established in order to survive this period in history. The death of the ill human being was imminent. During the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, cities throughout Europe were attacked by the famous plague known as the "Black Death." At this time, the European economy was already experiencing great difficulties from previous encounters of famine and war. Weather and climate patterns drastically changed contributing to extreme food shortages and ruined harvest, which ultimately led to hunger and starvation. Europe's population began exhibiting signs of reduction, affecting the social world and economic growth and expansion. The impact of the mass killer delivered chaos and confusion to the society. With the notion of death permeating the air and streets of Europe, a normal and orderly life had become extinct.

The book titled, After the Black Death, by George Huppert, portrays the lives of the men and women who endured the fateful plague. Huppert discusses the economic, political, and cultural turmoil that was constructed by this epidemic.

The economic and political disruption of the bubonic plague consisted of numerous issues, beginning with the decline of population. Everyday as the plague claimed lives, this ignited the problem of too many jobs and not enough physical labor. With the severe rise of the labor shortages, workers began to demand higher wages from employers. Landlords stopped freeing their peasants and forced more labor on them, as they too were disappearing by this illness. Peasants in many areas started to defend their rights to fairer treatment and lighter burdens. In order to combat the...