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  • Really bad.

    buddy, yoo watch a lot of TV and are very impressionable. please, whatever you do, do not go outside. it's too much for you to handle. it's dangerous. aren't there bears outside?
    • 27/11/2003
    • 19:57:43
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  • Good comparison

    i never thought tthat there would be a work similar in thinking as the Matrix. I probably will go check out Plato's Allegory of the Cave to see for myself.
    • 26/11/2003
    • 11:46:27
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  • Good list of propaganda

    cool. kinda makes me wanna be an advertiser.
    • 23/11/2003
    • 14:11:18
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  • Great job!

    good work on citing examples. i'm impressed with your wisdom and insight to analyze The Simpon's. Homer IS the epitome of all balding, overweight, aging, loud-mouthed, angry, beer-guzzling, malefficient dads in America, and you did an awesome job of showing that. And Bart is the same, being the trouble-seeking, ridiculously bent hell-raiser he is. i could tell this was written many years ago, because there are no allusions to recent Simpson episodes. The Simpson's was a trove of treasure back when this was written, and there are many more golden nuggets of comedy and hilarity in newer episodes. keep watching!
    • 22/11/2003
    • 16:24:31
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  • Its okay

    Is it fate that descends Beowulf as his battles continue, or is it his strength as a warrior that descends because of his pressing age? Anyway, this essay captures a good trait among Beowulf's battle, as he has to battle the newer monsters with more protection than the last ones.
    • 18/11/2003
    • 21:02:17
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  • Good essay

    this essay was really inspirational and shows that even when everything is taken from you, all that you really had was God.
    • 18/11/2003
    • 19:25:03
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  • Thanks. this essay helped me.

    thanks for the essay on the immune system. it helped me on an assignment for school. i encourage more people to submit essays like this one to help more guys like me.
    • 18/11/2003
    • 19:03:08
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  • White settlers contribute to the condition of native americans

    the current conditions of assimilated native americans is getting better because of benefits the gov't gives out. this is to make up for stealing the native's land all those years. the author is correct in identifying that half the population of a reservation can be alcoholics, and that unemployment is rampant. i see this as the native american's fault. being one myself, i am able to say that assimilating is the only way to be free from poverty and despair. i encourage all native's to move far away from their reservations. sure, it might be where their ancestors lived and thrived and conquered and had sacred and spiritual meaning at one point in history. but now that's gone with the arrival of the white people. the land was raped by settlers and mostly taken in greed. the land that the native's possess now is desecrated and deserves no settlement until the white settlers liberate the land that they wrongfully took.
    • 18/11/2003
    • 19:00:24
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  • The boubonic plague

    this plague was really devestating to the european population, but brought about more opportunities for the surviving peasantry to rebel against the nobles since there wasn't enough people to do the work. also, the kid's rhyme "ring around the rosies" originates back to the Dark Ages with the arising of the boubonic plague. This is because the people had superstitions and would carry "posies", or rose petals, to defend themselves against the plague. the "rosies" in the rhyme would be the surviving people. when they say "ashes, ashes, we all fall down" is what happens to people when they die. catch on? it's true. think about it the next time a group of kids sings it. that'll put a damper on your day.
    • 18/11/2003
    • 18:53:44
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  • Consequences of the train from East to West.

    the whole idea of a transcontinental railroad across America was a good idea to improve the economy and get the restless immigrants out of the East. But, in the long-run, the conductors and engineers didn't bother thinking of what destruction they would bring to the nature of the animals and plants that inhabited the West. Sure, the transcontinental railroad made possible all of the Western novels in the world and John Wayne movies, but in its wake has desecrated all things prized after the arrival of the train.
    • 18/11/2003
    • 18:19:48
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  • Resourceful reference for describing the symptoms and effects of conflict

    this essay is helpful in determining the stages and symptoms of conflict, whether it's in the workplace, at school, at home or wherever. I think the author probably wrote this for a college psychology class, and did a nice job. But I felt it deserved better than a C-
    • 18/11/2003
    • 18:12:58
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  • Good simple drink recipe

    I've never had an apple martini, and it's good to know that you don't need too much equipment or supplies to make a straightforward alcoholic beverage.
    • 18/11/2003
    • 18:08:25
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  • Bright little insight by the author.

    I never realized that American fashion was the end result of both WW1 and WW2. I don't particularly like the fashion of the present day, but I hope that we don't have to go through WW3 just to change that.
    • 18/11/2003
    • 18:01:03
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  • Good work on the essay

    The author is very specific and thorough in describing significant contributions of the Chinese that has been brought to America. Bringing out the best of China's influence gives Americans a better perspective at identifying with their reverse culture. Ginseng, whether helpful or harmful, is widespread in U.S. shops and sold as a memory enhancer. The advent of tea is prevalent among the snobbish British-Americans, is popular among many ceremonies (religious or secular), and is a favorite soft drink seller. Other contributions that China has brought to America are its martial arts. Each specific sylte of fighting can be either traced back to China or other Asian country. Martial arts have an integral role in America, supplying hundreds of dojo's and teaching millions of its students the art of reason, control, balance, and most obviously the fantastic ability to way-lay an opponent. This author has written a very nice essay.
    • 18/11/2003
    • 17:52:59
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  • Critique of "essay" on Bernard Leach.

    This \"essay\" on Bernard Leach is merely a biography of him. I don\'t consider it an essay because it not only describes his life in the first paragraph, but then goes on telling of what he did in what year for the rest of the text. True, this would be a good report of Bernard Leach if it were that: a report. But the author gives no imminent depth in the writing. He/She could\'ve written on subjects like \"why Bernard Leach became a potter\", \"contrasting him with another famous potter\", or \"analyzing his values and beliefs as a potter in the early 20th century\". I rate this essay with a red frowny face. I find it apparent that the author has either mixed this report of Bernard Leach with the essay of Bernard Leach or that the author has no idea how to write an essay.
    • 18/11/2003
    • 16:45:35
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  • Investigating the origin of Stonehenge

    This essay describes the process of building stonehenge, which took place over hundreds of years. It\'s amazing how pre-modern civilizations without the use of bulldozers and cranes could erect such an immense structure. Although, it\'s still unsure of whether or not it was used as a place of altar to the gods possibly.
    • 18/11/2003
    • 16:32:07
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  • Regarding school prayer

    The author is correct in rejecting school-organized prayers. Not everyone has the same beliefs, as everyone is different. Tax money should not support a gov't that initiates school prayers because most likely not everyone can agree with the diverse faith proceedings in all of the religions. Simply, if a student wants to pray, then they should not disturb others during class. The easiest solution is to find a big tree to hide behind and pray there.
    • 18/11/2003
    • 16:22:39
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