Essay about the effects of Global Warmin on Canadian Economy and what are the causes for the increase in Global Warming the past few years.

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Global warming has enormous effects on the environment as well. A group of Canadian scientist researched the possible effects of the global warming and they came up with a very troubling list of outcomes. Some predictions were:

*Boundaries for vegetation, wildlife and insects will shift northward by 100 to 500 km, resulting in problems, costs and opportunities.

*Growth rates for trees and crops will increase in some areas, decrease in others.

*Permafrost in Canada's north will continue to melt, causing landslides, destroying roads and airstrips.

*The number and severity of storms will increase, leading to more floods, lightning strikes and forest fires.

*The shoreline of Lake St. Clair in southwestern Ontario will retreat by as much as six km because of increased evaporation and drought.

*The water level in the St. Lawrence Seaway system will drop by as much as one meter, but increased dredging costs could be offset by a longer season and reduced ice breaking.

*Water levels in the Great Lakes will drop by as much as 2.5 meters, putting some fish spawning grounds and wetlands in jeopardy.

*Cities that now get smoggy during hot spells will likely see significant increases in hospital admissions and deaths.

According to a recent NASA study published in Journal Montreal Metropolitain in October 2003, the temperature of the Arctic has been raising by average of 1.22 degrees Celsius during the past decades. This raise of temperatures is significantly felt in North America. The ice physicist Josefino Cosmico ensures that "at this rate, permanent ice will have disappeared before the end of this century". The biggest disappearing of ice so far has been over the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, north of Canada and Alaska. So if climate change occurs to the extents predicted there will be a significant risk to Canada's environment, with...