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Henry VIII became king because Arthur died early. Arthur was supposed to be king but he died so Henry VIII took over, he still did a really good job being a king.

Henry VIII was very powerful because he took over England and France. He was able to tell people to make personal armors, the armors were of course very different from other armors, Henry could move very smoothly in it. The clothes that he wore were expensive, he used it to show his power. Henry VIII made himself head of the Church of England too!

He was extravagant because he spends his money on nice cloths and nice jewelry. He also uses money on war and other things just to make himself powerful. Whenever he has money, he uses it mostly to buy clothes.

Henry VIII was greedy, he taxes ridiculously from rich people, and he always needs money even though he had lots.

He had a huge kitchen and he eats 2 huge meals a day, mostly meat.

He was sporting in his early life, he used to hunt a lot and he could ware out many horses a day because he goes around hunting a lot. After, he became fat and stopped hunting.

He was cruel mostly because he doesn't care about his wives much, he beheaded 2 of his wives and divorced 2, he only did that because he always change his mind and start to like another woman all the time. He even made himself the head of Church of England just for a divorce.

Henry VIII was vain, he always spend money just to make himself look good. He buys nice clothes and nice jewelry and many other things to make himself look strong. He is a little like wasting money.

I think that...