An essay about the new graduated licensing program in British Columbia.

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I believe that the new restrictions being set in place for the graduated licensing program are absurd. While ICBC says that they have been set into place in order to minimize the amounts of accidents and deaths by young drivers may be accurate, the conditions of the roads and environments will worsen. The learners stage of regulations has not changed significantly, but enough to make some kind of a noticeable difference. The novice stage had changed significantly, and I believe that it will cause more problems then ICBC thought they already had, making the environment less desirable, getting around harder and much more traffic and aggravation.

The learner stage will now last twelve months instead of the previous six months, unless taking an ICBC approved driver education program which will change it to nine months, where as the previous rules stated that the drivers education programs meant you could get your novice three months after passing the test.

All these are comprehensible, but the fact that people, at the youngest most will not be able to receive their novice license until they are seventeen.

The novice stage has changed drastically. While waiting two years before being eligible for a class five license is an acceptable decision, the limiting the number of passengers to one, unless accompanied by a 25 year old or immediate family, is utterly ridiculous. I feel that although the new driving regulations may prevent some crashes, the damage it will do to the environment, both driving and natural, as well as the inconvenience it will cause is intolerable. The increase number of cars will create even more pollution to further diminish our dying ozone layer.

It is mandatory to have a road test to receive a novice license in order to test each person's capability to see...