Essay question: Assess the evidence fot and against teh central character of 'Strange Objects', Steven Messenger, having a psychological disorder.

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In the novel 'Strange Objects' by Gary Crew, many questions are asked but few are answered. One of the questions raised in the novel concerns the mental state of the central character, Steven Messenger. Steven's behaviour throughout the novel gives reason to believe that he suffers from a severe psychological disorder, most likely schizophrenia or depre3ssion. However, this theory has many 'supernatural-shaped' holes that can only be filled by the belief that Jan Pelgrom has come back and possessed Steven Messenger.

Steven shows many symptoms of schizophrenia throughout the novel, including a loss of drive or motivation. In item 6 Messenger, a self-confessed 'neat freak', is somewhat shocked when he realises several days after the biology trip that he has left his sleeping bag out. "With all the goings on it was just stuffed into its drawstring cover. I was annoyed I had forgotten to fix it, and now it was busting out all over my bedroom floor."

Although this is only a minor symptom, we must remember that it was one of the first to appear and was during the early stages of the onset of schizophrenia.

Schizophrenics also tend to withdraw from activates and situations that require social skills. In item 2 Steven talks about the campfire on the biology trip and how he slipped away unnoticed. He also mentions Nigel Kratzman (Messenger's only apparent friend throughout the novel) and his impassiveness for Kratzman's favourite subject - trucks. Messenger and Kratz are friends, however their relationship is fragile due to the lack of trust. Messenger says, "Kratz was like that - weird - I could never trust him." This shows that Steven doesn't care for the friendship they share. However, this friendship is important for Messenger's state of mind, as Kratz is arguably his only connection...