Essay regarding the Avro Arrow, how it was a great Canadian Achievement, and how it never should have been cancelled

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The Avro Arrow

The Avro Arrow is one of the best achievements in Canadian history And

never should have been canceled.

The delta wing Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow was never allowed to go on its

first mission. Its role was to replace the Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck as a

supersonic all weather interceptor. A source of national pride, the Arrow

incorporated advanced technical innovations and became a symbol of Canadian


The CF-105 Avro Arrow was built at the A.V. Roe Canada plant located in

Malton, Ontario. It was to be the replacement for the durable but aging Cf-100 "Canuck."

The CF-100 began development in 1947.

Before building the Arrow the A.V. Roe company had been promoting it's new

jetliner. It had orders from Howard Hughes to begin construction on planes for his airline.

The Canadian government stepped in and said that the full production facilities

would be needed for the Arrow.

The potential sales of the Avro Jetliner came to a halt.

Pre production of the CF-105 started in 1953

Development costs money were a slight problem. Supersonic flight had just begun

and there were many things to overcome for the Avro designers at that time. It wasn't a

surprise that costs went over anticipated budget.

The end of the Avro Arrow came on April of 1959 when five planes were cut into


It was believed that the Canadian Government ordered this to be done. Some

people thought the then very frustrated president of the A.V Roe company ordered this

himself. Many of the 14,000 workers directly involved as employees and subcontractors

went to the United States and were employed in the American Space Program.

Frustrated Canadians had long looked for reasons why the arrow was canceled.

Often people thought it was the U.S. saying that the United...