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The name Saint Francis of Assisi Makes Most People

Think of a cute lawn figure that's surrounded by birds or of

a man who had a great love for animals, nature, and poetry.

St. Francis had an unswerving desire to imitate Our Crucified


Francis Bernadone Known as Francis Of Assisi was born

in Assisi in 1182 to Pietro and Picca Bernadone. Pietro was

a cloth merchant and probably one of the richest men in

Assisi. He was more in wealth as the young Francis had

demonstrated keen business skills. Francis, however, was

not like his greedy father. Rich, he was always quick to share

his good fortune with his friends and even with the poor.

Known as the king of youth, for his joyful nature and

popularity, his primary wish was to be a knight. In 1205, an

opportunity arose to fight for Pope Innocent III. Francis

grabbed at the opportunity, but thirty miles into the excursion

he fell ill.

As he recovered , he heard the voice of God asking

him "Francis who can do more for you the lord or the

servant?" Francis answered, the lord, Then God replied:"

Then why do you leave the lord for the servant, a rich lord for

a poor man?". And then Francis asked, Lord, what would you

have me do? God said, Return home and you will be told

what to do. From then on, Francis began to serve the King of

kings and to be a holy knight.

Francis was a totally Different man. His love grew greatly

for the poor, and Francis himself began a life of poverty. In

1206, while on a wild journey, Francis met a leper , but

overcoming his lower nature, he reached out and

approached the man. Afterwards, he explained , what had...