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This essay is from an English novel published in 1970. The novel is written by Richard Allen and was published in Great Britain by New English Library. In this story we hear from a teenage boy called Joe Hawkins.

Joe Hawkins is a teenage boy living in Plairstow, which is an area in London's East End. East End is the place where the old working-class are living. Joe is very aggressive; he has even made his own weapon, a cosh. Joe is a soccer hooligan. His attitudes make me feel that he is in a kind of racist. It is especially when he calls his neighbour: "a black witch". His army cloth is also a sign of he is racist, the way he talks about his boots and the power it gives him. This makes me think that he is going to be a racist. Joe is also mad of all the immigrants' gangs in London, and it isn't the Englishmen as rules London anymore.

I think he is mad at his parents because they are living, where they are living. I think it could be another reason why he is/going to be a racist, because in South-East End of London, there are like a ghetto, where about 85-90% are immigrants. So he thinks the East End is the immigrants', and he should be from the West, where the rich Englishmen are living. It is probably also a reason why he hates his black neighbour, because he thinks that him and his family shouldn't be at East End.

I think he doesn't want to see the truth that they aren't rich and can't afford the live at the West End. He is also speaks about degrading to the rest of his neighbourhood, for example when he talks about their...