an essay about how social classes played a huge part in the american revolution.

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American Revolution Essay

The American Revolution was a huge step for the young colonies to take regardless of the reason or purpose. Although, this essay is not intended to dispute how large of a step this was, but to dispute what the colonists' reason for taking this step was. In Gary B. Nash's essay on the subject, he concluded that the colonists came to the point of the American Revolution because of a social upheaval followed by a chain reaction of events that could not be stopped. Then on the other hand, T.H. Breen's essay on the subject leaned towards the idea that the American Revolution occurred due to political reasons. Although these two men thought that the Revolution occurred because of one reason or the other I feel that in most cases it happened because of both. See, even though there was not a well-defined class or status level set yet, it was still there and it bothered those put on the bottom.

Those laborers, women, and all other groups placed at the middle and bottom of the ladder went into the American Revolution based on the social upheaval in hopes of getting there independence from England and truly making there land a land of opportunity. On the other hand, the "upper" classes were going into the American Revolution mainly for political reasons. The upper classes were all your politicians and gentry who had come over from England and they were just tired of having to answer to England for everything they did.

First of all, the middle and lower class families and how they were involved in the American Revolution was based on the cultural aspect of it all. See, the people at the middle and bottom had to work hard every day to be able to...