This is an essay written on the bermuda triangle and on the history of it, and whether or not some of the myths about it are true

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Between the Island of Bermuda, and the Southern coast of Florida and Puerto Rico, in the Atlantic Ocean, lies what is know as The Bermuda Triangle, The Devil's Triangle, and a host of other names.

Vincent Gaddis in Argosy Magazine first named the Bermuda Triangle, a magazine devoted to science fiction, where he gave it the name, "The Deadly Bermuda".

The earliest reported mysteries date back to the 15th century by Christopher Columbus concerning the Sargasso Sea. He reported seeing floating masses of gulfweed, which were uncanny and perilous.

In the mid-19th century, numerous reports of mysterious disappearances and abandoned ships were recorded. The first recorded disappearance was that of the USS Cyclops, which vanished in March of 1918. No one knows for sure what happened, but people have speculated that the captain was rather eccentric, and that the crew had a disagreement, which later, was settled before the ship vanished.

These rumors could suggest something other than a mysterious force was the cause of the disappearance. But then again, you have those researchers that speculate that a giant octopus rose from the sea and drug the ship to the bottom, or the ship suddenly closed up in a freak storm, trapping the sailors inside. Such theories came from a magazine article in Literary Digest concerning the disappearance of the Cyclops.

When the Cyclops set sail, she was loaded down with 18,00 tons of manganese ore. Bound for Baltimore, she left Barbados in the West Indies never to reach her destination. Information taken from Germany crossed out ides about enemy U-Boats or mines sinking the Cyclops because none were ion the area.

Another disappearance that leaves researchers speechless is that of the USS Marine Sulfur Queen. The tanker left Beaumont, Texas headed towards Norfolk, Virginia. ON February 3,