This essay is written in the style of Edgar Allen Poe. It is called Impenetrable Darkness

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Impenetrable Darkness

It was a dark deaf dreary night in winter, when the moon floated among the black blanket of the celestial sky, I had just stepped off the comfort of the bright lit safe train when I found myself on the cold frosted platform of Oberursel Bahnhof train station. The roar of the extensive stalwart train exceeded past me leaving only a whisper and strong gush of ice cold wind waking me from my fantasy of warmth and safety. Shocked, I stood there, realizing I must flee from the freezing bite of the wind and snow, pondering upon which direction I should motion for to arrive at my dwelling. Still deciding if I should walk through the dark vacant town or cut across the sinister shrubbery of the cemetery which would take twice as less time. It was getting colder as time passed, I decided to cut across the shadows of the cemetery for white ash like flakes began to fall from the black ominous sky above.

I began my journey walking across the chilled metallic railroad track, cautiously observing my every move to make certain I would not fall on the mirror of white smooth ice. I proceeded toward the direction of the cemetery with little knowledge of the horrific legend that is told among all the happy Germanic citizens of the town. I arrived staring into the empty darkness of the cemetery which was supposedly haunted by Herr Hochstädter, the rich rude stingy man who was killed by his own wealth, it is said that you could here his heart beat and breathes if you listen closely among the naked bony branches of the cemetery. I gathered up the little courage I possessed and continued on through the black emptiness of the hauntingly possessed graveyard.