An Eternity's Love

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Andy Jacobs

Mrs. Barth

Honors English I Period 3

6 March 2014

An Eternity's Love

In William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, the two lovers' love holds true no matter the length of time they have spent together.

Romeo and Juliet have their eternal love for each other as long as their eternities may last. From the first day they met, when Romeo goes to the Capulet party he passes by many people. He catches a glimpse of Juliet, and he immediately has a passion for her at first sight. Naturally, humans, just as all other living beings, been made to find partners to reproduce and continue the species in with their lifetime, or else the species just would not be here today. So one trait needed to continue life is to define friend from foe is a driving trait, this is the basis of any relationship. So love at first sight is a three minute analysis of someone (Fisher).

Instincts in both Romeo and Juliet's body do an initial check on any potential mate. They mark out the other person and continue to monitor the other person as they close in on each other. They are only together a few minutes before Romeo has to leave, but in that time, they are self-destining themselves to be together. As time passes, Romeo and Juliet spend as much time as they can together from then on, but even that time is too brief. So they try to be together with that little time that they actually have regardless of their separating barriers of family and time. True love is not based on how long a couple is together, but rather the intensity and happiness of their relationship (Ben-Zeev). Although Romeo and Juliet are in love for a short amount...