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Journal of Women's Entrepreneurship and Education 2011, 1(2):65-72 Page 65

Ethical Values in Education and Society

Carl Edwin Lindgren World Academy of Art and Science, Fellow, Royal Society of Arts;

President, American College of Interdisciplinary Sciences

LaWanna Lease Blount Fellow Royal College of Teachers; American College of Interdisciplinary Sciences


Today, many educators, administrators, and parents are concerned over the startling rise in teen violence. Theories are expounded and old concepts are discarded. Still, within most school systems, violence, disrespect, and moral decay are quickly becoming the norm. This article provides some insight into how these concerns may be addressed within the school environment by teachers, parents, and administrators.

Introduction One of society's most important duties should be the teaching of ethical values, i.e. "the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation."1 The noted scientist and humanitarian Albert Schweitzer stated, "Ethics is the activity of man directed to secure the inner perfection of his own personality."2 Dr. Schweitzer further states: The presupposition of morality is to share everything that goes on around us, not only in human life but in the life of all creatures. This awareness forces us to do all within our power for the preservation and advancement of life. The great enemy of morality has always been indifference.3 Whether studying mathematics, English or physics, ethical teachings can, in one way or another, be incorporated into the lesson plan. Today's muddle of lesson plans, meetings, new curricula, specialization and restrictions leaves teachers and administrators little time for teaching honesty, ethics, values or integrity. In fact, many educators believe that these topics are better covered by religious teachings. However, unlike religion which is based on faith and beliefs, ethics is more a "system of...