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Ethnocentrism is the belief that ones country or culture is better then another. You can find ethnocentrism just about anywhere you find people, though it is true that it will affect some areas, and subsequently, the people in those areas, more strongly. It can be said that this is a terrible way of thinking, but many people are affected by it.

It would seem that by nature, people would want to think what they believe is right. This can lead to ethnocentrism and in most, if not all, cases does. It can be said that ethnocentrism could make countries deteriorate, but it can also be said that ethnocentrism can help strengthen a country. Without at least a little ethnocentrism, then it is pointless to have your own country, because then you wouldn't believe that your country is trying to do the best thing possible. Thus, without this trust, your country or culture would fall.

However to much ethnocentrism can make you think that you have all the answers, and that you could not possibly be wrong, this would cause contention, and would bring a country or culture down. So where do you find ethnocentrism?

You can find it all over, it is in the U.S. it is in France, Germany, England and all other places. Because of this, we have contentions, for if everybody thinks their right, then who is wrong, for there has to be a wrong to be a right. However, some countries may not feel as though they are always right. On the other hand some countries may feel that they are always right. So why does this happen? Probably because of pride, that is the real root of ethnocentrism. Without pride there would be no ethnocentrism, for good or for...