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Unique Perception of the World

All societies have norms, values and morals in which an individual is discouraged and even punished if they do not abide or live by such. Society has its idea of what is "right" and what is "wrong" and if you do not view said society or the world the same way, you are pressured constantly to change your way and have consensus with the majority of the population. The definition of the word persistent is as follows: "continuing without change in function or structure" (Mirriam-Webster Dictionary); thus a person who is not willing to conform to societal norms and values belongs to a persistent subculture .

As tensions involving narcotics in southern Mexico have ultimately risen to a dangerous state, many Mexicans have decided to migrate north, mainly to America, in hopes of achieving the coveted "American Dream" and ultimately a better life. Because of such an important and interesting development, I decided to conduct my ethnography on an immigrant residing in Los Angeles, who chooses to keep his anonymity, but whom I may refer to as George.

The Conflict Theory developed by Karl Marx, states that the basis of society is conflict over access to the means of production; I was able to determine that George belongs to a persistent subculture here in America. George belongs to a Latino minority group and in belonging to such he inadvertently maintains his traditions from his origin country and resists assimilation into the American mainstream culture.

As George illegally immigrated to the United States, he began situating in San Diego then in Los Angeles, immediately noticing a difference between his position and rank in American society, versus that of the Caucasians. After four years of living in the United States, George still encounters days when...