Euroscepticism in Britain

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In this file we are going to talk about Eurosceptic Britain. First, in the introduction we are going to present the context of Britain's entrance in the European Union, we will broach the subject of euroscepticism and europhobia in Britain, and we will ask ourselves questions just before presenting the documents. Then, we will analsyse them one by one following the questions asked in the introduction. In the third and final place, we will come out with the conclusion that Euroscepticism in Britain is due to many reasons one of them is the British press wich is most of the time against Europe.The second element is the political elite who are afraid to loose their inherited places in the British Government especially ,the Lords, and the conservatives.Joining the union for them means pulling power and sovereignty out of their hands and giving it to Brussels.The third element which is also very relevant and which shaped the Britons and made of them special outsiders towards Europe is the geographical and historical situation of their island.


In 1957, the European Economic Community (EEC) was created by Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. In 1963, the British Prime Minister, Harold MacMillan understood his strategic error and asked for the United Kingdom entrance in the Community but De Gaulle, seeing this entrance as the Trojan horse of the United States, vetoed it as well as in 1967. Later, in 1972, the British government again expressed his desire to enter the EEC. Pompidou, at the head of the French government accepted their demand and the United Kingdom finally received its status of membership on January 1 st , 1973. By the time, the Conservatives started to think that...