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"It is conceivable, that life can deteriorate to the point where persons lose their

dignity and self-respect and are unable to communicate; life in such a form no longer

meets meets the basic criteria of human-ness." (O'Keefe, A1) Under these circumstances

only should Euthanasia be practiced and then only passively ("pulling the plug"). "Dutch

Death", Euthanasia, doctor assisted suicide, whatever you want to call it, it should not be


People should live their lives for as long as long as it is worth living. As long as someone

can still have experiences and communicate with others, they should go on living.

Someone may have six months to live and decides to end their life prematurely, saying that

they are going to die anyway, why bother with waiting. It is the same with anyone.

Everyone will eventually die, so why doesn't every one just kill themselves now? It is

because there are things they want to do and see, there is life they still have yet to

experience. The same thing is true for a terminably ill person, they could do alot in that six

months. They write an autobiography or a novel, do a lot of reading or traveling, who

knows? It has been said that trials and pain make us stronger. Even if someone is in pain,

that pain could make them mentally stronger than if they give up and take the easy way

out. Life is pain, everyone goes through pain in their lives, but most stick it out to the end,

not giving up taking the easy way out. As long as a person still is able to know what is

happening around them and can interact with the world around them it should be illegal for

doctors to aid in their suicide.

"Some say...