Physician Assisted Suicide with shotguns

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Life is a story that’s just like any other story, there and opening, body, and a conclusion with one small difference, the conclusion known even before we open the book, that the conclusion is death. Every conclusion different of course, the lucky ones go without making a noise, peacefully in their sleep. For others, they’re awake and the conclusion quick and unexpected like a sniper bullet that finds it mark, the head. For some of us the end will be filled with pain and they will suffer, like those that have passed away by burning, torture, and chronic illness. There are as many ways to die as drops of rain in the ocean. For some of us though our conclusion can be watched by our loved ones and the best doctors society has to offer. And they are helpless to save the patient from the illness that’s draining there life.

So they watch, the patient suffers, and if the pain medication that hasn’t stopped their agony is increased, will render the patient incoherent, dead, or in a coma. To even make matters more unpleasant the doctor gives the patient and estimated time of their death. This is where the question of euthanasia or physician assisted suicide, a topic that is politically debated today and illegal in every state except Oregon comes into question; is it right or is it wrong?It’s important to note Physician assisted suicide is different then, “Passive Euthanasia” where and incompetent (brain dead patient) is taken off life support. Physician assisted suicide or euthanasia involves a terminally ill patient that is competent and capable of carrying out their death. Active euthanasia is performed in Oregon and other countries where the practice is legal by the administration of lethal dose of medication either orally or through...