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  • Thats it?

    It was nice but never got into details. Like why so many American troops are dieing? Why are the Iraqis so unhappy? Why is the war privatized ( by DICKS former company)? Why is the bush Administration so evil? And you keep repeating there not enough informations. There more then enough just mainstream media isn't covering it like they should be.
    • 18/04/2007
    • 18:08:56
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  • Ok..

    Your in 12th grade but you're a psychologist. Ok, well anyways I'm not bothering going to get into details about this. Just looks like cry story after cry story and you copy and pasted this. This is garbage
    • 13/04/2007
    • 21:10:22
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  • Position

    It's a good paper just that it's more or less an argumentative paper, not position. In a position essay you would list the cons of genetic engineering. How there is less nutrition in foods, at risk to disease, ex.. exx.....
    • 27/03/2007
    • 16:36:31
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  • Bad

    This isn't a position essay. This is just opinion based crap. You need your arguments expanded on both sides to support the cons and pros. Just overall laid out better. Opening, your stance, opposition stance, rebuttal, and a closing
    • 27/03/2007
    • 16:29:39
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  • Depth

    You should go more into depth with the experiment involving light and tone. I found it slightly confusing. To someone that just learning about Pavlan Conditioning experiments this article could seem confusing
    • 08/03/2007
    • 11:47:50
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