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"Death is but a door, time is but a window, I'll be back''. Looking at in a way that death appears not to be so bad because you can come back. However life is not like that you don't just come back, life is not a game, where after you die you come back, but for the rest of you, you're dead as plant food. Death is part of life. The old saying still applies to life 'there's only two things certain in life,. Death is a part of life for most people you can't let go of that loved one that one that is begging you to end or not to end their suffering by ending their life. But the person that decides that it is going to end or not end can not or will not make the decision or follow through with it even if the person wishes.

To most of us we can't make that decision even though it's right or the best thing to do. The doctor won't carry out that unless the court has said its ok for them to die. Sometimes we can not make our descion for our life but a group of doctors can or the law.

Years ago I used to work with an elderly Greek family. Her name is Fani and her husband's name was Pandeli . They been together for fifty years. I 'm talking in the past because he past the way 2 years ago. His tragic story started when he had to made an operation which had a bad result. He felt good for 5 months but after that he had to much pain. All that pain was come from the surgery that he did. I remember his wife when she told me. I...